Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Hooked

Last weekend we headed out to Ikea Brooklyn to peruse some Swedish home goods. Perhaps you've heard of Ikea. Ikea is filled with cheap furniture. Not only is the cost cheap, but so is the quality! I mean the stuff is pretty sleek so it's better than your Walmart furniture, but it'll still probably fall apart if you have to move it. Ikea also has some cheap food. The food is kinda cafeteria style Swedish meatballs and chicken fingers and things so it's not exactly worth going out of your way for. Ikea Brooklyn is pretty unique one way. You can get there by a free ferry boat at Pier 11!

Ferries in the summer are a good time. Open air, breezes on the water, and great views of Manhattan, Jersey, Brooklyn and even the Statue of Liberty. Your ride culminates in a slow trip through some pretty creepy looking derelict docks when you arrive at Ikea. But since you're probably over Ikea just as much as I am, I've got a suggestion for you.

Next time, skip the Swedes and head for the Red Hook Vendors. Hop on the Ikea ferry which is completely free on the weekends. Enjoy the ride, soak in the views, and even marvel at the bright new Ikea built in the very industrial neighborhood of Red Hook. But then just walk on by. When everyone turns to right to enter the front door of the big blue box, turn right with them and just keep going. Eventually, you'll run into a park and soon you'll find ball fields. Futbol fields. Futbol fields surrounded by food trucks. Food trucks representing all sorts of Latin American specialties. Cheap Latin American Specialties.

So practice your Spanish (or your pointing skills) grab a cup of horchata and enjoy. Find a spot under a nice big tree, watch some futbol, and soak in the sun, and be happy that you're not in a big blue box soaking in florescent light. Be sure to thank Ikea on your way back home for such a lovely day on their dime.

And let me know if there's anything else I should check out next time we're in Red Hook (besides of course their summer movie series)

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