Saturday, June 19, 2010

Billy's BBQ

While you were fighting the long lines and paying for your BBQ last Saturday, we were hangin out with the best new menswear designer in America. Our good friend/salesboy/part-time-model B. Capps invited us over for the Annual Billy Reid BBQ. And because Billy knows real BBQ comes from the south, he got Jim N Nicks to truck a whole hog up from Alabama for the event!

Free pulled pork tacos! Homemade tortilla chips and queso/guacamole/salsa! Free beer and champagne! And hanging out with some good friends that, like most of us New Yorkers, work far too much! Who could ask for anything more!

Thanks Brandon! Hopefully we'll be seeing you around a lot more and hopefully it will again involve whole animals roasted over flame for free.


  1. Billie may know BBQ, but he don't know NYC. You can get some outstanding BBQ right here in the Big Apple.

    No disrespect to Jim 'N Nick's, they got it going on, but some of the home boys could whip their butts! Pork butt that is!

  2. I will be happy to sample any BBQ you pass my way :)