Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Hooked

Last weekend we headed out to Ikea Brooklyn to peruse some Swedish home goods. Perhaps you've heard of Ikea. Ikea is filled with cheap furniture. Not only is the cost cheap, but so is the quality! I mean the stuff is pretty sleek so it's better than your Walmart furniture, but it'll still probably fall apart if you have to move it. Ikea also has some cheap food. The food is kinda cafeteria style Swedish meatballs and chicken fingers and things so it's not exactly worth going out of your way for. Ikea Brooklyn is pretty unique one way. You can get there by a free ferry boat at Pier 11!

Ferries in the summer are a good time. Open air, breezes on the water, and great views of Manhattan, Jersey, Brooklyn and even the Statue of Liberty. Your ride culminates in a slow trip through some pretty creepy looking derelict docks when you arrive at Ikea. But since you're probably over Ikea just as much as I am, I've got a suggestion for you.

Next time, skip the Swedes and head for the Red Hook Vendors. Hop on the Ikea ferry which is completely free on the weekends. Enjoy the ride, soak in the views, and even marvel at the bright new Ikea built in the very industrial neighborhood of Red Hook. But then just walk on by. When everyone turns to right to enter the front door of the big blue box, turn right with them and just keep going. Eventually, you'll run into a park and soon you'll find ball fields. Futbol fields. Futbol fields surrounded by food trucks. Food trucks representing all sorts of Latin American specialties. Cheap Latin American Specialties.

So practice your Spanish (or your pointing skills) grab a cup of horchata and enjoy. Find a spot under a nice big tree, watch some futbol, and soak in the sun, and be happy that you're not in a big blue box soaking in florescent light. Be sure to thank Ikea on your way back home for such a lovely day on their dime.

And let me know if there's anything else I should check out next time we're in Red Hook (besides of course their summer movie series)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aircraft Carrier of Dreams

So I'm like a 10 times more happy person in the summer time in New York City and today I remembered why.  Outdoor movies!!! (and things.)

Brian and I packed ourselves a nice little picnic last night and headed over to The Intrepid to watch "Field of Dreams" under the stars (okay, so I couldn't see them... but I'm pretty sure they were there).  The night was beeaauuutiful and the company was alright ;)

First of all, I can't believe we've never been to the Intrepid Museum.  EDIT: because it's expensive!  So you're welcome for finding a way to get a glimpse of this pricey attraction for free! :)

Here are some photos:

Shyeah.  How can you not feel oh so good eating chips and salsa and finding yourself surrounded by these beauties on a perfect night by the river.  I mean, really.  Even if the movie isn't good (or a complete CHEESEBALL fest like this movie is :) you can just look around and be happy).

So go here and pick a movie and experience it for yourself!  And of course, all of these are included in our massive summer movie list that's already been posted and bookmarked on your own personal computer I'M SURE :)

'Til next time!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Billy's BBQ

While you were fighting the long lines and paying for your BBQ last Saturday, we were hangin out with the best new menswear designer in America. Our good friend/salesboy/part-time-model B. Capps invited us over for the Annual Billy Reid BBQ. And because Billy knows real BBQ comes from the south, he got Jim N Nicks to truck a whole hog up from Alabama for the event!

Free pulled pork tacos! Homemade tortilla chips and queso/guacamole/salsa! Free beer and champagne! And hanging out with some good friends that, like most of us New Yorkers, work far too much! Who could ask for anything more!

Thanks Brandon! Hopefully we'll be seeing you around a lot more and hopefully it will again involve whole animals roasted over flame for free.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movies, movies, movies, movies

The list continues to grow!

A few new series to add to the summer movie list:

Movies Under the Bridge at Little Bay Park in Queens featuring free family films overlooking Long Island Sound. So far the only info we've got is they're showing something August 17th. But using my excellent deductive reasoning, the usage of the plural "movies" means that this is in fact a series with additional movies forthcoming. As more info becomes available you can find it here. EDIT: There are at least 3 movies being played Under the Bridge. Reasoning: Deduced. Calendar: Updated.

Lawn Chair Theater at Salt Marsh Nature Center wayyyyy out in Brooklyn. Another series with only one announced date. Finding Nemo is scheduled for July 30th. I was pretty certain this was a series due to it's snazzy name (who would take the time to name a one time thing?) but for you lovely people, I called and confirmed. There will officially be more movies announced later.

Movies on the Waterfront in Astoria Park is a short run of family films every Monday in August. You've now got 1 more chance to catch the Lion King in a park down by the river (not sure if vans are allowed, har har har).

In addition to these series, there are some other films that have been added as part of more diverse series happening in the city this summer. Salt at Salt Marsh Nature Center is apparently not part of Lawn Chair Theater but is instead part of the Arts, Culture and Fun Series and 2 TBA family films will be playing in August for the Clearing in the Forest events in Central Park.

Updated Super list here!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Governor's Island + Art

Hello friends!

Today (Okay, now it is "yesterday"), Brian and I took the lovely ferry over to Governor's Island for the Figment Art Show--an exhibit that is run entirely by volunteers and is completely free to the public.  If you've never been out to Governor's Island, I highly recommend it.  It is always free to get there via ferry boat at these times on the weekend and it is a nice and easy retreat from the city.  Bring a picnic!!

There usually aren't quite as many people as shown in the photo above.  This was just due to the art show.  It's typically quieter-- with a handful of people just laying around in the grass or riding their bikes around on the trails.  How lovely! :)

Our good friend Ryan Nussbaum gave us the heads up on this event! The company he works for (MSLK) was showing this piece on the island:

 So most of the art was not really my style--a bit pretentious :(  but if anything it was just nice to walk around outside.  Here is a little bit of what we saw before it started to rain on us:

Interpretive dance I guess.

People on stilts.

Giving away gnomes (but only after making people take an oath)

A family tree with lots of drawings of families

A greenhouse

pirate ship bikes

And my favorite-- a Childhood Dream Tree :)

K, nuff photos.  BYEEEE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We got Stiles

Eating in NYC is expensive. You think you'll save some money by going to the grocery store and even most of those are stuffed with gourmet options at inflated prices. Luckily, NYC has Stiles Farmer's Market (2 locations: 9th Ave and 41st St and 52nd St between 8th and 9th). No frills, fresh produce at aweeesome prices. They close a bit early (6:30pm) but it's worth shuffling your schedule to make it there. But don't just take my word for it:

2 ears of corn
1 avocado
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 cucumber
1 lb of strawberries
6 oz blueberries
6 oz raspberries
18 oz blackberries
3 bananas
2 pears
2 golden delicious apples

For a grand total of $14.03. Not a bad trip to the store. I'm gonna make some wicked smoothies.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More Outdoor Summer Movies!

It turns out there are at least 18 more opportunities to enjoy a movie outside this summer! Including 1 tonight!

The epic Free Summer Movie Guide has been updated with 2 more series in Brooklyn and one spread out over Manhattan!

Summer Screen is a series at McCarren Park Ballfields (Bedford and North 12th) and features a selection of films with "a nod to our adolescent idols and crushes." Should I feel like a hipster if I'm excited for several of these??? Also note that you now have to decide between Labyrinth and Pan's Labyrinth on the same night. My choice is easy, Bowie's bulge scares the crap out of me in that movie.

Also happening in Williamsburg this summer is Summer Starz- East River State Park (N 8th St and Kent Ave). It features a bunch of family friendly films (a lot of Disney). Show up early for live music and a "kids hour" before the show.

Finally, we've added Films on the Green. These films are spread out through 3 parks in Manhattan (Tompkins Square Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park) and are all French musicals compliments of the French Embassy. We may have to invite our French friend along for proper translating/explaining.

If you know of anything we've missed, please let us know! Help us create the most complete summer movie guide IN THE WORLD (in New York City).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Art for the rich (and cheap)

Did you know this painting recently sold for $106.5 million, making it the most expensive work of art ever sold? The public's only been able to see the thing once since 1951. How much do you think someone would have to pay to see THE MOST VALUABLE WORK OF ART IN THE WORLD?

How bout free.99?

Here's the deal: The buyers of fancy pants things need to see them up close and personal before they wave their paddles around, sooooo auction houses have free previews before the big event-- AND they're open to the public. You probably won't be able to see Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur anytime soon, but you'll be able to see plenty of other priceless works of art (actually they are price-full). In addition to art, auction houses sell antiques, jewelry, watches and other things rich folks want to buy. Probably the 2 most famous NYC auction houses are Christie's and Sotheby's but knowing New York there are probably plenty more.

As we are prone to doing here at Big Apple Small Wallet we used ourselves as guinea pigs and went to check out the collection of Michael Crichton, who, in addition to teaching us all how to create dinosaurs using old mosquitoes, hung out with some pretty happenin dudes. We dressed in our finest tshirts and perused works from Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein, Murakami, Warhol, etc etc etc.  It was basically like seeing a once in a lifetime exhibit for free!

Auction houses do add one interesting element to a traditional trip to the art museum: Anticipated selling prices. You'll be shocked to find that even though you can paint like Rothko, you aren't likely to pull down 8 figures as listed next to his painting. But wander around! Act like you might be waving your paddle around for some oil on canvas! Here's what's coming up soon:



Ooooooo a wine auction, now that's fancy pants.