Friday, June 11, 2010

More Outdoor Summer Movies!

It turns out there are at least 18 more opportunities to enjoy a movie outside this summer! Including 1 tonight!

The epic Free Summer Movie Guide has been updated with 2 more series in Brooklyn and one spread out over Manhattan!

Summer Screen is a series at McCarren Park Ballfields (Bedford and North 12th) and features a selection of films with "a nod to our adolescent idols and crushes." Should I feel like a hipster if I'm excited for several of these??? Also note that you now have to decide between Labyrinth and Pan's Labyrinth on the same night. My choice is easy, Bowie's bulge scares the crap out of me in that movie.

Also happening in Williamsburg this summer is Summer Starz- East River State Park (N 8th St and Kent Ave). It features a bunch of family friendly films (a lot of Disney). Show up early for live music and a "kids hour" before the show.

Finally, we've added Films on the Green. These films are spread out through 3 parks in Manhattan (Tompkins Square Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park) and are all French musicals compliments of the French Embassy. We may have to invite our French friend along for proper translating/explaining.

If you know of anything we've missed, please let us know! Help us create the most complete summer movie guide IN THE WORLD (in New York City).

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