Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movies, movies, movies, movies

The list continues to grow!

A few new series to add to the summer movie list:

Movies Under the Bridge at Little Bay Park in Queens featuring free family films overlooking Long Island Sound. So far the only info we've got is they're showing something August 17th. But using my excellent deductive reasoning, the usage of the plural "movies" means that this is in fact a series with additional movies forthcoming. As more info becomes available you can find it here. EDIT: There are at least 3 movies being played Under the Bridge. Reasoning: Deduced. Calendar: Updated.

Lawn Chair Theater at Salt Marsh Nature Center wayyyyy out in Brooklyn. Another series with only one announced date. Finding Nemo is scheduled for July 30th. I was pretty certain this was a series due to it's snazzy name (who would take the time to name a one time thing?) but for you lovely people, I called and confirmed. There will officially be more movies announced later.

Movies on the Waterfront in Astoria Park is a short run of family films every Monday in August. You've now got 1 more chance to catch the Lion King in a park down by the river (not sure if vans are allowed, har har har).

In addition to these series, there are some other films that have been added as part of more diverse series happening in the city this summer. Salt at Salt Marsh Nature Center is apparently not part of Lawn Chair Theater but is instead part of the Arts, Culture and Fun Series and 2 TBA family films will be playing in August for the Clearing in the Forest events in Central Park.

Updated Super list here!


  1. Hi, saw your list on PulseJFK. Great job, thanks for doing so. Don't forget theFilms on the Green from the French Institute, running June and July:

  2. Thanks for the heads up! We've already got em but be on the look out for anymore you see!