Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Governor's Island + Art

Hello friends!

Today (Okay, now it is "yesterday"), Brian and I took the lovely ferry over to Governor's Island for the Figment Art Show--an exhibit that is run entirely by volunteers and is completely free to the public.  If you've never been out to Governor's Island, I highly recommend it.  It is always free to get there via ferry boat at these times on the weekend and it is a nice and easy retreat from the city.  Bring a picnic!!

There usually aren't quite as many people as shown in the photo above.  This was just due to the art show.  It's typically quieter-- with a handful of people just laying around in the grass or riding their bikes around on the trails.  How lovely! :)

Our good friend Ryan Nussbaum gave us the heads up on this event! The company he works for (MSLK) was showing this piece on the island:

 So most of the art was not really my style--a bit pretentious :(  but if anything it was just nice to walk around outside.  Here is a little bit of what we saw before it started to rain on us:

Interpretive dance I guess.

People on stilts.

Giving away gnomes (but only after making people take an oath)

A family tree with lots of drawings of families

A greenhouse

pirate ship bikes

And my favorite-- a Childhood Dream Tree :)

K, nuff photos.  BYEEEE.

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