Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lights Will Inspire Youuuu

Another bookstore event for your favorite Brian and Windnie!

Last week Brian lured me away from a potential long night at the office with the names "Parker Posey" and "Kara Walker". Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn was having a book reading and Q&A with these two lovely ladies plus David Haskell, Matt Weiland and David Rakoff--contributors to the book

The book is called "My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City". It is a compilation of stories written by various New Yorkers who recount their first days in the City.

The bookstore was packed when we got there but we managed to squeeze ourselves between a lot of smelly people to get a tiny glimpse of the readers. They each read their respective sections of the book, which were all very funny! Then they answered questions from the audience about their experiences... some good and some just silly--one of which was "Why is it that New Yorkers are always so positive and happy and friendly all of the time? People in France are not like that at all!" HA!  Do other countries really view us in that way? How lovely! But yeah... we weren't surprised to find out that this Frenchman had only been in The City for a few days:)

But anyway, the whole thing made me feel kind of sad that I don't have better stories of things that happened to me when I first moved here. I guess there is still time... D:

 It was all around an enjoyable time and I even got signatures from Kara, Parker and David Rakoff in my lovely book :) Here they all are, lined up to give is their John Hancocks. The book should be an entertaining read!

Here's the Greenlight Bookstore Blog for some upcoming events!  Enjoy.

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