Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Jack from Uncle Jack's

Uncle Jack's is one of those $50 a plate steakhouses that the fancy pants grown ups eat at. But like a good uncle, Jack's will still let the kids get a taste of the big table on Ladies and Gents night every Thursday 5-7pm. With a free sampling of manly drinks like bourbon or scotch for the fellas and froufy cocktails for the ladies, it's fun for everyone! Take that grown ups!

I'd wanted to check this event out for awhile and the perfect opportunity presented itself when Rob Cargioli rolled into town one rainy Thursday afternoon. We stopped in, received our free glass of Jack Daniels and found two big arm chairs (that may have been decoration) to sit in and muse about the impending awesomeness of Rob's visit. We also talked about grown up things like our stock portfolios and Dancing With The Stars. Sike yo mind! We just drank free whiskey and said good day!

And a good day it was.

Now to swing by for Wine Tasting Wednesday! Uncle Jack's loves to slip us drinks when the grownups aren't looking! He's my favorite!

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