Saturday, May 1, 2010

But what do you sell?

This one's been a long time comin... Burgers and Cupcakes.

As their name indicates, Burgers and Cupcakes deals primarily in burgers and cupcakes. They also sell salads, pizza, shakes and fries. It's a pretty straight forward sorta place. You build your burger (Beef, turkey, salmon, chicken, etc.) however you want and just pay for any toppings beyond the standard mixed greens, onions and tomatoes (It's worth noting that there are enough mixed greens to go on your burger that you can build a nice side salad.) I'm more of a burger connoisseur but the cupcakes are delicious as well (Windnie confirms).

The place is a pretty good value, has very tasty burgers (of all various types) and is probably the closest restaurant to my apartment, all of which means we visit regularly. But here on Big Apple Small Wallet we're not content to just give you pretty good value on great food, we're here to get you great value. So here's our little secret for you...

Burgers and Cupcakes makes their cupcakes fresh each day! Wow! That's a great secret for you!

But wait! There's more!

Fresh cupcakes means getting rid of the old cupcakes! So if you happen to casually stroll in near closing time, Burgers and Cupcakes may just GIVE you a cupcake! This has been verified and double verified and for the good of you fine people we will triple or even quadruple verify free cupcakes. We care about you that much! Even better, join us for our triple verification!

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