Saturday, April 10, 2010

Complimentary Movies with Complimentary Popcorn.

Ever since it started to warm up I've been all sorts of giddy in excitement for New York City's free outdoor movies.  Unfortunately it's way too early for that :(  but never fear... Huckleberry Bar (Williamsburg) is here to tickle my fancy a bit in the meantime.  Every Monday night they host free movie screenings at 9pm (A time that is actually reasonable for my schedule)  And if you sign up for their Movie Membership (aka their e-mailing list) you get a fancy card which qualifies you for 2 for 1 drinks and free (deliciously seasoned) popcorn during all of their movies!  So good.  Brian and I might have had 5 or so bowls of that popcorn...whoops!  This week they played Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark as a part of a marathon.  Check out their events schedule for their other upcoming movies!

I mean I'll probably start ditching this bar when summer hits for the movie screenings in Bryant Park every Monday night... but I've gotta say, this bar has a quite nice vibe.  There's a delightful outdoor garden with plenty of seating and a swanky, yet comfortable interior.  Definitely a pleasant way to cure a case of the Mondays.

Anyone wanna join us for Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom next week?? :)

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