Saturday, May 8, 2010

They WANT You to Be Judgemental!

Brian and I finally experienced the ever-so-hoppin' Hammerstein Ballroom--just steps away from his apartment!  After visiting the On Camera Audiences website, we got free tickets to the taping of "America's Got Talent".

Sadly... America does not have talent.  The opening act was a woman bouncing up and down while strapped to a harness hanging from the stage ceiling...


The acts to follow, while less disturbing, were equally unimpressive.  Mostly people singing out of tune :(

I'll be honest though.  The whole thing kind of made me sad.  People get all excited about making their big break on this show and are met with loud mean buzzers and people yelling "Boo" with their arms crossed in the air.  Sad.

We saw maybe 2 good acts and like 6 bad ones and were out of there pretty quick.  It was an enjoyable experience and well worth the money we paid (bazinga) but we could only bear so much.

On the bright side, Sharon Osborne was a judge and she is just wonderful.  The host Nick Cannon, the other judge Howie Mendel and that one British judge were also there... but pish posh.  Go Sharon!

And that's the story.

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