Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter by the Water

There seems to be less to do now that it's cold and miserable outside.  Luckily Brian's zoo membership provides constant "free" fun and entertainment for us all year long.  On Sunday Brian and I traveled all the way down to Coney Island to visit the New York Aquarium.  Brian took advantage of the long travel time by playing Toobz on my iphone and I... slept :)  I don't know about you but I find aquariums friiigggiinn amazing.  Highlights from this one include many friendly otters (no pictures)...

very large turtles

and jelly fish!

We also tried to catch all of the animal feedings to make the most of our visit buuuut we got really distracted and ended up missing most of them.  We did make it to the shark feeding though!

This guy decided to snatch away his feeding pole and swim around the tank with it.  Silly.

Then, Brian and I walked along the quiet boardwalk until we got to Brighton Beach.  It was nice to share the sand with just a few people and a lot of seagulls. 

We eventually stopped at this little Russian market for a snack.

We couldn't read the labels so we just kind of covered our eyes, pointed at something and hoped for the best.  What a delicious surprise!  They were these bread-like thingies... mine was filled with egg and Brian's was filled with beef...I think.  Who knows.  But it was good!  And at $1.25 a pop it was the perfect snack to keep our tummies happy for the long train ride back to the City.  Another successful day for B and me.  Peace out homies.

Brian playing Toobz

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