Saturday, February 6, 2010


Going to the movies in New York City hearkens back to the golden days of the silver screen when a night out to the movies was a big event. "Why?" you might ask? Well, when regular admission is $12.50 plus any additional fees for 3D or IMAX and you factor in any trips to the snack bar, a night at the movies really makes a dent in your wallet like a true night out. I haven't even seen a student discount!

You, however, are in luck. We've got the scoop on some ways around these exorbitant fees.

AMC theaters offer a daily matinee! This includes the weekend! Movies are only $6 and as we found out when we went to see Avatar, they'll even cut you a small deal on the 3D surcharge: $3 instead of $4. You'll have to wake up early though... The matinee ends at noon.

The Sony Technology Theater is another great place to see (relatively) new movies for a great price: Free! The screenings happen every Saturday at 2PM and you have to call ahead to reserve your tickets. They pass out the remaining tickets 30 minutes before the screening but I wouldn't count on there being many left. The upcoming lineup of films doesn't look like my cup of tea (except Last Action Hero) but it's an overall solid list. We've yet to check this out but it is definitely on our radar. Check them out here:

Another thing to keep in mind is the film screenings at the MoMA. Every Friday from 4-8 movies are free (along with the rest of the museum)! But even on a regular day students pay only $8 (regular $10) and count towards your admission into the museum. So if you were planning on paying to go to the MoMA anyway, you might as well see a film as well. As expected, these are generally odd, foreign, fancy pants films but even if that's not your thing you can probably find something to watch. Right now they are playing all of Tim Burton's films and as you may remember we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox and hung out with Wes Anderson there.

If you keep your ear to the ground you can also find plenty of movie screenings around town. Last week I planned on attending a showing of Leaving Las Vegas before getting stuck at work. Here is a list of upcoming screenings for Hot Tub Time Machine. I'd say there are enough options here to fit your busy schedule. However, as with all screenings be ready to show up early to ensure you get a seat!

And finally...the Regal Cinemas Blood Drive. Okay, I can't remember where I came across this but the New York Blood Center is having a blood drive at Regal Cinemas in Brooklyn on March 5th and I hearrrr that they are giving away movie tickets to the donors. I can't find anything to verify that but I can guarantee cookies and juice, so really you can't lose.


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