Monday, February 1, 2010

Jobs With Benefits

So if you're new to NY, like Brian and myself... chances are you're struggling to make up for all the money you didn't have but spent while living jobless in the City. That means even if you're getting paid... it is just never enough. One way to milk your job for all it's worth is to attend company functions... and leave with some souvenirs! Like leftover food, for example. Free dinner! Brian, being the smart and handsome boyfriend that he is, did just this on Thursday night. Conveniently, I hadn't eaten lunch that day and ended up staying at work til 10:30pm. To my rescue... Brian came and delivered me a pizza box full of goodies. This included an entire meat pie, hummus and pita, a side of pesto pasta, two slices of veggie pie, a chicken wing and a partridge in a pear tree!

Look! We even have leftover leftovers that we've been munching on since then! (Well... just Brian because there's only meat stuff left.)  But I mean more than being cheap we are really being anti-wasteful! So there you have it. Windnie and Brian making the most of things.  'Til next time...

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