Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick & Finding Cheap Goodies

Bottlerocket Thanksgiving Dinner! ($2 Donation) 11/14/09 2pm-6pm
Prepare your tummies for that huge Thanksgiving Dinner with this little test run.  Register for a time slot now before it's too late!  Brian doesn't know it yet, but I signed us up for 5pm :)

J.CREW Sample Sale! This Week Only
So i might suck it up and make my way over to this sale... but only because it's close by... and if I'm going to buy anything, it might as well be classic and good quality.

Fred Perry Sample Sale! This Week Only
And perhaps sometime this week I may check this out?  Still may be too much money for my little pocket...


  1. ah i'm so jealous. you should tell brian to get me a christmas present from the jcrew sale :) oh and here is a link to contribute to your bargain hunting. i dunno if it's any good, but i thought it may be useful www.groupon.com


  2. i never made it to the jcrew sale and neither did brian! :( i'll make sure he gets you something good though ;)