Sunday, November 22, 2009

Give Some, Take Some

For us working folk, sometimes it can be hard to squeeze a little bit of fun-time into the middle of a busy week.  When you just want to sit back and relax... and maybe laugh a little, The PIT is a good place to go!  The People's Improv Theater hosts FREE performances every hour on Wednesdays between 6pm and 11pm (A nice thing to do if you work late!)  Different Improv groups are paired up each hour so you can get a nice mixture of styles and things throughout the night (Unlike ASSSSCAT at The UCB in this way.)  And an important note: the performances at 11pm are done by members of the audience who get together and improv in groups for everyone!  Improv-ed Improv!  How fun!  Here's their schedule.  Notice there are several free performances on other days of the week as well.  Brian and I saw Punch and The Baldwins this Wednesday at 10pm--both quite funny indeed.  And as an added bonus we got 20% off our meal at Canaan Sushi Restaurant, just below the theater!  There is also a participating Subway on the block!  Just mention you are going to The PIT and POW! you get rewarded for going to a free show!  Works for me.  And the prices at both of those restaurants are good to begin with :)

 Wall Art

And Brian and I  participated in another little niceness switch-a-roo today at the Score! Pop-Up-Swap! in Williamsburg.  We RSVPed ahead of time on their website (which I don't think mattered much)  and showed up with a $3 donation each for City Harvest and a few items of clothing to contribute to the swap.  Then, we were let loose into a swarming crowd of people hovering over tables of things that other people donated.  There were areas for clothing, shoes, accessories, music, books, and homegoods.  It was out of control!  Once you're in you can take whatever you want for free!  (So make sure you bring a bag large enough to stuff all your finds into!)  I got 7 items of clothing--including 2 J.Crew sweaters, 2 American Apparel shirts and a Ninja Turtles hoodie.  Brian got 2 shirts, a Chinese childrens book (which I translated for him on the train ride back into Manhattan), Crime and Punishment and a glasses case.  It was also fun to see other people pick up the things we donated and stick them in their bag :)  So yeah, not bad, eh?  And all of the leftover goodies are given to charity!  We are definitely going to keep our eyes out for more of these kinds of things.  Fun!

We even got our hands stamped!

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  1. Thanks for coming out to Score! It was an EPIC success. I'm stoked to hear that you had a good time - and scored some Ninja Turtles gear.

    Rock steady,