Monday, November 16, 2009

Animals in People Suits... People in Animal Suits

Brian got too excited about Game Night memories and neglected to share our other cheap adventures of the weekend.  Oh Brian.

So after work on Friday, we met up with my friend Sam Washburn who was visiting from St. Louis.  First things first... CHECK OUT HIS BLOG.  I'm serious.  He is one of the most amazing artists I know.  He even has a second blog solely dedicated to presenting you with an illustration of an animal in a suit every day of the year!  It's called... dun dun duuunnn Animals in Suits!  Fascinating, eh?  So anyway, we met up at the Met (teehee), which for your information has suggested donation admission!  We each paid $1 and spent a couple hours roaming the halls.  Current exhibitions of note can be found here.  Oh, and the museum is open til 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, which makes it that much more worthwhile at the cost of a single Washington.  Sadly, Brian and I got there on the late side and joined the rest of the gang in time only to view Vermeer's Milkmaid (which is in the US for the first time!) and American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915 (which included a painting of a guy fighting a bear!).  Both exhibits were good, but  the latter I have to admit I enjoyed a great deal!  After that we ate dinner at a delicious diner and went on a very long search for Wendy's Frostys.  My friend Ryan had never had one before! For Shame!

 Sam after his Twisted Frosty!

And speaking of "suggested donation" museums along Central Park... Brian and I also went to the American Museum of Natural History!  (We each paid $5) And while it's more Brian's thing to look at scary stuffed animals than mine... I found this trip amazing!  The special exhibitions are expensive so we didn't see them.. but we could have spent hours in the permanent halls we visited!  There is an insane amount of stuff to see... so from this trip (we only explored the 1st floor!) I recommend the "Milstein Hall of Ocean Life", "Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth" and "Human Origins".  So cool and so educational!  Perhaps i'll make recommendations of the other floors once I've visited them :)

  Squid and the Whale!

Child-stealing Northwest Indian!
(You wonder why I think Natural History Museums are creepy...)

Oh and before Game Night, which you read about in the previous post, Brian and I went to the $2 Thanksgiving wine and food sampling thingy!  If anyone was with me in Chianti for that wine tasting... you should be proud of me for not letting myself get so out of hand this time around :)  We sampled different wines with thanksgiving dishes they thought went well with them.  I skipped out on a few of the wines and got seconds of the foodstuffs.  It was delicious!  Mmm roasted brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes! and Pecans!  Mmm!


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  1. that northwest indian stole my child :(