Saturday, January 16, 2010

Partying Hard

After a long week, with lots of long days at work, Windnie and I needed a fun weekend. And who do you turn to when you need to make the most of life? Andrew W.K.

Turns out AWK made a deal with his friend Spencer that if Spencer ever lived in one of his art spaces he would perform on the second to the last day of the exhibit. Thanks, Spencer! I figured the place would be packed but there were only about 25 people there when it all kicked off and probably 50 by the end. It made for a cozy time. AWK didn't play any of his songs, he improvd for awhile, took requests, played some Bach, just kinda let it come. And just in case free Andrew W.K. wasn't enough, they threw in plenty of free beer! Thanks again, Spence!

Some pics and vids from the evening:
myspace image at Gickr

We finished off the show with a stop by S'Mac! Which is a Mac N Cheese restaurant! Mmmmmm

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  1. did he happen to sing "I LOVE NEW YORK CITY. OHH YEAH NEW YORK CITY"?

    -susie b