Friday, January 8, 2010

Go for the booze, stay for the networking

College equipped me with many things; a passion for learning, great friends, the beginnings of a career and lots of debt that limits my spending potential. There are occasions however when the old alma mater gives back.

While I've been to all sorts of schools, Windnie and I share only one school in common: Washington University in St. Louis. You may have guessed that Wash U is located in St. Louis. About 900 miles away from our present home in New York City. Fortunate for us, Wash U is just crawling with New Yorkers with a passion for the educational opportunities of the midwest.

On Wednesday Wash U held a "networking event" at Mustang Harry's (In case Mustang Sally's was too feminine for you). Networking starts by handing out 2 free drink tickets to everyone in attendance (They basically took our word for being alums, which makes me think I should bring a crew next time). The next part of networking involves eating lots of appetizers. Part 3 of networking involves talking to others in a related field by looking at their color coded name tags. We didn't really make it to part 3. We were experts at parts 1 and 2 and felt like that was good enough. Expert enough that we didn't even need to eat real dinner on Wednesday night, we just stuck with our aps (as the cool kids say).

Windnie did eventually end up networking and we'll see how that all pans out. Heh. Pans out. I also suggested Windnie and I collaborate on a community development handbag project but she seemed a bit sceptical.

Til next time,

Later days

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