Monday, January 18, 2010

Brooklyn Frees.

So Brian and I had the best idea ever.  Wake up early on a Saturday morning and go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!  It is free every Saturday morning till noon after all and who doesn't like flowers!

So we got there and somehow were surprised that nothing was in bloom.  We're smart!  But never fear, we were still able to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Here's Brian testing the ice in this frozen-over stream.  How lovely!  It didn't take us long to realize we could stand and skate and play and have a grand old time on this ice.  Here's a video to show you how far we (Brian) went!

Impressive eh?

So after frolicking in the outdoors for a few hours we went to the Brooklyn Public Library for the Sesame Street exhibit which celebrates "40 years of life on the streets".  It is set up in the lobby and is of course, free.  We didn't take pictures of the actual exhibit... we want you to check it out for yourself, duhhh!

But here is a photo of the beautiful entrance to the library.  It makes Brian swoon.

And if that wasn't enough free fun for the day, we met up with our friends for game night a little later that day.  Here is a little shout out to them and one of the cardigan-wrapped trees who live on their street.

Not pictured: Sarah and Joe.  Hello to you too!!

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