Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burgers & Cupcakes

I'm pretty sure we've mentioned these folks before... (right?!) but Burgers & Cupcakes is amazing and deserves another shout out.

Brian and I ate there tonight... after not having done so in a while.  "But, why?" you ask.  IIII DON'T KNOWWW! I asked Brian that very same question about 10 times throughout our meal.  I think they have the most delicious fries ever (the thin and crispy kind-- raaahhh)  and I think their cupcakes kick all those other NYC bakeries to the curb (no names mentioned here :X).  And their burgers are great too!  My fave is their Lemon Grilled Chicken Burger with goat cheese.  Mmmm.

And what really makes this place great are the friendly workers.  They gave us free cupcakes tonight after our meal!  And theeen as we were walking out the door they gave us NINE MORE FREE CUPCAKES.  I meeeaaaan, come oooonnn.  They also have a frequent eaters card so you can get 1 free meal every 5 meals or something like that ;)

And they have a new Banana flavored cupcake that our buddy John claimed was the best cupcake he has ever had.  (He was one of the recipients of our free cupcake gifts)  Others in our box included strawberry, blueberry, mint chocolate chip, chocolate ganauche and red velvet... all with either their AMAZING butter cream frosting or cream cheese frosting or...other amazing frostings.  Photo below.  Drool away!!

(Okay, so the picture quality isn't that great.  Had to iphone this one.)

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