Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Minute Frights

When our Tuesday evening plans fell through, we stumbled across some exciting last minute plans...

A free prescreening of The Last Exorcism! Thanks to and!

We thought we were going to be too late to get in but lucky for us there was a premovie Q & A with Eli Roth! I guess we missed some of the Q & A but the parts we did catch were great. Eli had to change his Facebook to a pseudonym because the all the people he used to go to school with try to get him to pass screenplays to Quintin Tarantino. And in even better news, Roth's next project is producing a film he cowrote with RZA that is going to be a spaghetti western style kung fu movie with proper Chinese actors dubbed in English by rappers. Yeah, simmer on that for a minute.

And then we watched The Last Exoricsm! Which was a pretty cool film and definitely worth a viewing. As I said on my "twitcrit" review: It kept the guy sitting next to me guessing (loudly) the whole time! Ah crowded movie theaters...

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