Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lucero's Gone to Governor's

We've already been to Governor's Island to check out some free art. This time we went for the free music.

With our friend Jo Anne in toe, we headed to Water Taxi Beach on Governor's Island (which is really more of a sand box) to check out Lucero, J-Roddy Walston and The Business, and Johnny Corndawg.

We arrived early expecting it to be crowded but the threat of rain seemed to keep people away. Fortunately, the only rain we had were the sprinkles when we arrived! The small crowd made for a relaxed atmosphere, maybe even like a day at the real beach. The food prices at the beach aren't terrible for a concert venue but they aren't cheap either. I'd recommend bringing your own. We found a picnic table in the sand and soaked in the atmosphere. We stayed at our table for Johnny Corndawg and enjoyed his cutesy country music but then moved a bit closer for the next 2 acts.

J-Roddy Walston was incredible. Sounding like a southern rock mix of Billy Joel and Meatloaf they completely blew away the crowd. Everyone needs to check them out right now.

The headliner of the show was Lucero, whose hollow-bodied guitar meets singer-songwriter style was on full display. Songs about love and drinking seemed to fit the mood on a cool night on the river and the show often turned into a big sing a long. After a lovely, long set we headed back to reality. After a nice day on the Island.

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