Wednesday, March 31, 2010


OHEMGEE! Where do I even start??

Speed Round 1

Ummm… so almost one month ago now… Brian and I went to Philadelphia! We paid a whopping 5 bucks for a round trip on the Megabus! They have super sweet deals… including free round trips if you catch them at the right time! Check them out!

We stayed with our very generous friend David Emery in his sweet apartment across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art! (Not visible from this view… patience.)

We saw the Liberty Bell (always fo frizzle)

Ran into some awesome Folk Art on the street.

Watched a single peacock pursue 5 completely uninterested peahens at the zoo… for 10 minutes.

Oh wait. REWIND! Brian, David and I got into the Philadelphia Zoo all for the price of 1 child! That’s $39 dollars in savings! The trick here is to linger sketchily outside of the Zoo entrance for an extended period of time with your friends… huddle over a map and point out all the things you wish you could see. The manager will be totally weirded out that he will come over to ask what you’re doing. All you have to do is look up at him with sad puppy dog eyes and say that you love animals so much but can’t afford the entrance fee. Voila! …So maybe that’s not exaaactly what happened… but it’s actually pretty close!

Then we dragged our gimpy good friend David Emery out for a walk along the Schuylkill River. There are sculptures all over that city! What a dream! (This one is a bit more phallic than dreamy… but yeah.)

And we of course went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for some eye candy. Balllerrrr. And since it was the first Sunday of the month... admission was suggested donation!

Umm and RODIN MUSEUM ANYONE? (Also suggested donation)

A fine establishment indeed.

Here is Brian as one of The Three Shades


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