Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frank Turna

Frank Turner in store on Tuesday was a good time! In case you're not in the know, sometimes musicians stop by a local record shop (in this case Generation Records) to play some songs for free typically before they play a show that night. I guess it's free because you don't get the full concert experience, it's usually just a short acoustic set. This means for some artists you get to hear them play unique acoustic sets of your favorite songs and for others you get to hear them sound basically like they will that night. Frank Turner was more the latter. Just a man, his guitar and a crowded record shop. Be ready to show up early for in stores, record shops don't have a big capacity and you know, they're free.

Oh look someone recorded it!

Also, I think I was hanging out next to the guys in Gaslight Anthem, so there's that. They seemed like real nice dudes. Same with Mr. Turner. Solid dudes.

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