Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kayaking +

Hi friends!

So we've partaken in free kayaking before (at Pier 96), but today we had quite a fun adventure!  
We got to Hallet's Cove around 3:30pm and launched from a tiny sandy beach.  The thing that makes this place better than Pier 96 is that you have a nice view of the city and aren't confined to tiny rectangular space between 2 piers.  It's very open, you have much more space and the people running the place are much more lax.  

We even discovered a little "bonus" to arriving late like we did.  (Free kayaking happens between 1:00-5:00pm.)  After we finished cruising around at around 4:30pm, we were asked if we wanted to take a 40 minute ride upstream to return the kayaks to their home base on Long Island City.  At first I was like cool, they must have been super impressed by our rowing skills ;)! But I soon realized that I had just volunteered myself for some manual labor.  The trip itself to LIC was great!  We got to go under bridges, dodge boats, and crash into some waves.  It was quite a workout (for me) but fun!

Upon arriving at the boathouse in LIC though, we were all of the sudden being ordered around to wash all the boats, jackets, etc which took quite some time considering there were about 15 kayaks.  We hesitantly agreed considering the free and fun adventure we just went on, but were even more willing to put our bodies to work after we heard talk of a free BBQ after everything was put away.  Here's Brian working quickly with the smell of the grill going behind him!
We were pretty satisfied by the end of it all, but just to top it off a group of girls hanging out of a sweet ride stopped us on our way to the train and offered us... their candied apples...?

I gave them a strange look, but of course Brian jumped at the opportunity.  They apparently had just come from a baby shower and were going to hit the clubs but didn't want their party favors to melt away in their car.  Okay then... 3 candy apples for us!

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