Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like taking food from a creepy plastic faced man

Burger King sued over $1 double cheeseburger

When franchisees sue their franchise it makes one take pause. When one reads the fine print and finds out that to produce a $1 BK double cheeseburger in South Bend, Indiana it costs $1.10, one takes an even longer pause.

A pause to think, "The cost of living in Indiana and the cost of living in New York are slightly different." A little different enough to think: "If I eat one of those double cheeseburgers in New York City, BK really must be taking a hit!" YAY! I WIN! Locavores unite and stuff your faces with delicious $1 double cheeseburgers!

In case you were wondering, (for the sake of research) I had one of these today. And I enjoyed it.

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