Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few treats for you!  (even you non-New Yorkers!)

$1 Boston Market Chicken Meal! Deal Ends 11/01/09
Hopefully this link still works!  Due to the success of this promotional coupon the restaurant has experienced a shortage of chicken.  They removed the coupon from their website, but they will still accept "already printed coupons"....oooorrrr a coupon you find elsewhere, like the one we've provided you here!  So print away and head to your nearest Boston Market!  You may even get lucky like Brian and I and meet a friendly old woman standing in line behind you who reveals her passion for the "comfort food" that is Boston Market and point out all of her favorite choices and warn you against the saltier foods...

Free Chipotle BOO-RITO! Every Halloween! 
Dress up like a burrito and Chipotle will feed one to you for free!  Rumor has it you can get as many as you want if you keep returning to the line... but don't be like Brian and get greedy!!  You might end up losing your free burritos to the floor... 

Black Jack Taco!  Halloween After Dark
You've seen the commercials... and you loved them!  Right??  From 6pm to midnight on Halloween night Taco Bell is giving away free Black Jack Tacos!  Chipotle kinda trumps Taco Bell like a ton, but if you're still hungry after free burrito #1 and are a.) too embarrassed to get back in line for a second or b.) can't handle a whole second burrito (coughbriancough) then get one of these little guys to help top off that meal and make your tummy super satisfied.  Yum!

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